About Us

Welcome to our delightful fudge emporium in the heart of Conwy, North Wales. We take immense pride in handcrafting the most decadent and flavorsome fudge creations for fudge enthusiasts like you. Our passion for quality and taste is what sets us apart.


Co-owner & Chef

Lianne's culinary expertise and creative flair are the driving forces behind our scrumptious fudge recipes. With days of experience, she continually delights taste buds with her innovative flavors and impeccable craftsmanship.


Co-owner & Technology Specialist

James combines his technical prowess with his love for fudge to bring innovation to our operations. From online ordering systems to efficient inventory management, he ensures a seamless experience for our customers.



Rhodri is our meticulous packing expert who ensures that every piece of fudge is packaged with care and arrives in perfect condition. His attention to detail guarantees that you receive the freshest and most delightful fudge possible.


Transportation Manager

Paul oversees our transportation operations, ensuring that your orders reach you in a timely and secure manner. With his expertise in logistics, you can trust that your fudge will arrive at your doorstep with the utmost care.


Retail Expert

Gwyneth is our retail expert, responsible for curating an exceptional in-store experience. Her knowledge of our fudge varieties and friendly demeanor make every visit a delightful journey of flavors and customer satisfaction.